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Stress Is A Feeling Of Emotional Tension Blood Pressure Issues


Stress is a Feeling of Emotional Tension

Stress is a feeling of emotional tension and it can easily come from any kind of event or a thought which is haunting you emotionally. You can definitely feel frustrated or angry when you are in stress. Stress issue comes up when your body has some demand or has to face something difficult. If you are stress out for a longer duration of time then it can definitely affect your health in many ways. There are two types of stress one is acute and other is chronic stress which can last for a longer duration of time.

Acute is just for a short term which can easily go away and it comes up when you are just having a fight with your partner or you face some dangerous situations in your daily life which can be new and exciting as well. Everyone has to deal with acute stress at some point in their day or life.

Chronic usually lasts for a longer duration of time and it can easily come if you are facing any problems or if you are having trouble at your work. If your marriage is also not working then this can definitely increase your chronic. When you are unable to manage stress properly then it can definitely affect your mind and your body help in the worst possible way so you should definitely take proper steps in improving this issue.

Blood Pressure Issues

Our body reacts to stress by releasing certain hormones and the work of these hormones is to make your brain alert and it will also cause your muscles to tense and your heart rate will also increase. If this is happening for a short time then it can be good also because you will be able to handle some situations in a proper way.

But if you are facing such issues for a longer duration of time then this is definitely not a great sign and you should be taking some great steps in order to avoid this issue completely. You should also know that there are many diseases which are linked to stress and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Menstrual problems

There but all of them can definitely be removed if you are able to make yourself happy and stay away from negative thoughts. There are many signs of which you might see in your daily life and you are not able to figure out the reason for them. Here we have mentioned the most common issues which you face in your daily life. They can include forgetfulness, frequent headaches, sexual problems and lack of energy as well. When you are very much  then you will also have problems in your sleep.

If You Suffering stress You Should Sleep?

Can definitely break down your brain easily because the brain is also interlinked with stress. There are three areas of the brain which get affected due to the production of stress hormones and they can definitely increase your heart rate.