Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day? The Day of Love 14th Feb Who Was Valentine?


What is Valentine’s day: the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day – To love and, to be loved is a great feeling to feel. And that’s the main reason behind valentine’s week.

February is all known for flowers and chocolates and most importantly Love. Meanwhile, Every year young people celebrate this month as an expression of showing love and affection towards their significant other. The festival of Love begins from the 7th of Feb onwards till the 14th of February theday of love’. Young couples spend this week by sending Valentine gifts, love messages, flowers, greeting cards, and much more to each other.

Whether you talk about the beautifully decorated places or talk about the lovely vibes of the week everything is all soothing and delightful. Love can be seen everywhere and you can say that during this time the ‘Love is in the air’.

Let’s know the origin and reason behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Who was valentine: Why We Celebrate this Day?

People these days consider valentine’s day as only a holiday to spend quality time with their partners. However, there is more to it. The story behind valentine ’s Day is more of sacrifice, love, and promises.

You might know about this festival of love but you perhaps do not know the true story behind this day. In this thread, we will try to clear all your doubts and queries related to valentine’s day such as who was valentine? Why we celebrate this day? How to celebrate it? And from where did it originate?

Valentine was a saint and hence this day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. The story of Valentine starts back in the third century when the Roman empire was ruled by “Claudius II gothicus”. This emperor was also known as Claudius the cruel. This emperor was harsh and had bad policies. He used to exploit his people and he was an arrogant ruler. He was too much into wars and spreading conflicts. As a result, he faced a lot of hardship for recruiting sufficient soldiers to his army.

The Day of Love
The Day of Love

Valentines Day Teaches Love and Compassion

Claudius assumed that the people of Rome do not want to join the army, because they don’t want to leave their wives and family. Due to this silly assumption, he abolished all the marriages and engagements happening in Rome. Thousands of people were miserable and lost their faiths in finding love and getting married. Although they were unhappy and malicious by this persecutor rule they couldn’t raise their voice in front of him. Meanwhile, there was a “Christian priest named Valentine” who couldn’t see this disheartening thing done by the emperor.

He decided to secretly arrange marriages for young couples and especially for those who were recruiting for the army. He proceeded to secretly marry the soldier with their loved ones before going to war. In 269 A.D. the cruel ruler Claudius found about this secret marriage thing run by Valentine. He got very angry and he threw him into prison, after knowing about his charity work in the name of love. Claudius was so devasted that he put Valentine on the death sentence.

Valentine’s Love Was Beyond Acceptance

When valentine was waiting for execution, he fell in love. The girl with whom he fell in love was blind and she was the daughter of the jailer. Time went away and soon his time for execution came up. At that time Valentine had no idea how he will tell his feelings to that blind girl. He had no pen no paper nothing. But his love was fierce and his efforts were considerable. On his eve of execution, he decided to write a letter to his love of life.

It is said that he squeezed the violets and pour out the ink from them, he wrote a beautiful poem for her describing his love in it. As we know, love can do wonders people often say that valentine’s letter brought back the blind girl’s vision. This was a short love story and surely it is a sad one. Because the very next day Valentine was sentenced to death by the Roman executioners.

“People say that love can make you blind but after reading this behind the story you might have to open up your eyes. Love is all about sacrifice, that’s how st. Valentine defines”

That noble Priest, st valentine gave up his life. In the name of love he died. In the journey of putting people together, he lost his life. He gave up his breath away to tie people together in the holy union “marriage”.  A true story of sacrifice. He could not even get to spend a few moments with the girl he loved.

Why Roman Ruler Killed the Man

However, the Roman ruler killed the man, but he can never kill the love of people’s hearts. And that is the reason why even after all these centuries people still remember the Valentine and celebrate it as a day of union and love in his name. Valentine’s sacrifice was extremely appreciated in Rome. Therefore, he was bestowed with the sainthood title. Moreover, a Catholic Church organized a feast in his honor on 14th February. The reason behind picking up the 14th Feb as celebration day was, that because according to an ancient theory, Birds particularly love birds, owls, doves began to mate on this day. Hence they choose this day for the day of love.

Valentine’s gifts: What are Doing this Valentine’s day

So you see, how a saint surrendered himself for love. Now don’t take love for granted from next time. Show your partner love, tell them you care for them, gift them your time and efforts and this can make them forget all the pain. Just as how st Valentine gifted a poem to his love and that letter brought back her vision again. You can also bring back the harmony, love, and spark back in your lives and marriages on Valentine’s day. Below are some gifts which you can gift to your partner on this occasion of love.

The following will cover a section-wise suggestion for gifts for him and her respectively because we want to make sure that all your doubts clear in just one place.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Though there are many things which you can deliver as Valentine gift to a girl. But below are some selective items that will make your girl go all blushing and loving for you. Choose as many as you want to. These all are easily accessible and you can have them on a budget. So without further delay let’s get started. Here are some best gifts for valentine’s day.


  • A perfume – what’s better and beautiful than your partner smelling link what you always wanted them to be. A traditional valentines gift to make her know her presence in you
  • A self-care combo – it’s good to know that your partner cares for you. A self-care combo gift will make your partner go all crazy and overwhelmed over you. You can add some aroma scented soaps, moisture, scrubs, lip care products, and much more self-care essential according to your budget in this combo. The best thing about this valentine’s day gift is that it is creative and quick. Also at the same time, this will be something helpful for your partner.
  • Matching tees– clothes are the simplest gifts for Valentine’s day. But how about adding a little creativity into it. You can either take matching t-shirts or you can also print some interesting things on them. For example, you can put the date of your marriage or the date from which you are together on these t-shirts.
  • Chocolate and flowers – these never go out of fashion for loving Valentine’s gifts. They are beautiful and delicious. And the receiver is always happy after getting these.
  • Handmade Valentine’s gifts or letters – beyond all the materialistic things out there the handmade gifts and letters stand top above them. These are something that melts a person’s heart in a second. You can also personalize a poem for your partner. Or you can gift them a scrapbook which will include all the memories of you two together.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Although the stereotypes have always shown that men are only allowed to gift and not to receive. But they deserve the same love, care, and effort as the girls do. So why not gift your man some amazingly thoughtful gifts and surprise him?

We understand that when it comes to gifting something to a man ladies get confused. But now you no longer have to worry as we are here to help you out. Below is a list from which you can choose Valentine’s gifts for him.

  • Watches and wallets – the basic essential accessories of men. This is something which is best for Valentine’s gift for men. Especially if he is an office going one then you should go for these. And do add some chocolate and flowers to it. (Winks)
  • Shaving kit hamper – what would be better to see your man always groomed right? So why not Valentine’s gifts him through which he can always keep himself polished. A shaving kit hamper is a great idea.
  • Your favorite color shirt – you always want to see him in your favorite color? Gift him a shirt of your favorite color and wear his favorite color on Valentine’s day. Isn’t it romantic?
  • Shoes or sneakers – men love shoes and sneakers. Note that again. This Valentine gift can never go out of fondness. Gift him his favorite brand’s shoes and see how his eyes will sparkle ladies.
  • Chocolates and flowers – who says men don’t appreciate this gesture? Men deserve to have the same treatment as you ladies are getting right. So give your man some dark chocolates and bright red roses this gift will instantly make him blush.
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Best Gift for Him

Spark that love again: what else you can do on Valentine’s day

However, there should not be a single day of showing your love to your partner. But you can use this day to let that light of love again in your relationships. Here we will discuss few tips through which you can spark that love again. Here are a few more things which you can do on Valentine’s day besides gifting the presents to your partner.

Let’s make this simple and summarise it as Live, Laugh, and Love. The following part will further describe this concept.

Live: Laugh: Love

Live – live the best moments with your partner. Go for a date night a candlelight dinner a movie or maybe just a walk in the moonlight. Just dedicate a full day to your partner. Give them your love and time and this can be the best thing you can give to them. Living a full day dedicated to only love and care is all your bae wants. So just go for it. Hold their hands and take them to somewhere where you both can enjoy together and make beautiful memories.


Laugh when was the last time you launch with together? Besides all the workload and stressful routines take time out light-hearted evening. You can do some activities together like sky diving, rock climbing, or maybe just go watch a rom-com together. Laugh out and tell each other those silly things which you love in your partner. Tell them how the way they sneeze makes you laugh and at the same time you find them cute while they do so. Love isn’t in the big or fancy things it is actually in the small ones. So don’t forget these little. As these little hold the most place in the heart.


Love – loving can heal loving can mend your souls and it’s the only thing that keeps us alive this is how ed Shereen says right. Well, he is correct. Love is the only thing that can bring people together and make those differences disappear. Show your partner you love them. Love is the most beautiful feeling and it can do wonders. Hence, make sure you take time to tell your loved ones that they matter in your life.